What You Can Learn From The Best Sleeper In America

Forbes Magazine

Larry is the best sleeper in America. He is 70 and happy. Be like Larry.

May is Better Sleep Month, and seniors should be celebrating.

According to a new survey by The Better Sleep Council, retired adults and the nation’s baby boomers are sleeping great. And the Silent Generation—people born between 1925 and 1945—are the best sleepers of all.

The report—“State of America’s Sleep”—found that older generations are among the best sleepers in America and boomers make up 36% of excellent sleepers.

In their study, researchers uncovered several personas–one of whom is Larry, a 70-something retiree, and apparently the best sleeper in America. According to the report:

“The best sleeper in America is Larry, a 70-something retiree. Larry and his wife are Empty Nesters, living in an upscale neighborhood in the suburbs in the Midwest. Larry almost always gets 7-8 hours of sleep and feels rested in the morning. He is relatively pain-free when he wakes up – especially for someone his age. Larry takes sleep very seriously.”

Here are some tips from Larry:

  • He rarely has a bedtime snack.
  • He avoids caffeine entirely.
  • His bedtime routine includes reading – but no social media or email. (Because of this Larry’s usually asleep almost as soon as his head hits the pillow, and he rarely wakes up in the night.)
  • He feels his life is fulfilling.
  • He has a great relationship with his wife and the two of them have several close friends.
  • He has several interests and hobbies he enjoys, including attending plays and concerts.
  • He watches news on TV and is concerned about terrorism and immigration. However, it doesn’t affect his sleep.
  • He does some light exercising, but nothing too strenuous.