Dreams of Love+Health

We as humans have basic needs. Two such very fundamental needs are our needs for love and health.
We need to take care of our bodies. We put them under a lot of stress every day, and during night when we sleep we need recharging.
Today many people suffer from sleep disturbances or even insomnia. We are under mental stress as well as physical.
We long to just float away and dream.
Sleeping is our own medication to both physical and mental stress.  “To sleep on it” before a big decision, and to sleep well before important meetings or negotiations in private life or at work, is essential for our over all health.
Every week we at SUBLIME post videos and articles about sleep and healthy life style help on our Facebook page.
Why? Because understanding why and how we spend a third of our life is important.
We spend enormous amount of time, energy and money on communication and transportation tools to function well in our lives while awake, yet we often forget our bodies’ needs when it comes to where we spend a lot of our time: in bed or sitting.
Relax and take time to recharge both body and mind and invest in your health.
Take a look and learn something new every week

We at SUBLIME wish you wonderful dreams,
we also wish you will achieve what you set out to do.
Be rested. Sleep well!
💙We want to make sure you sleep on the very best💙
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