What is the
Sublime difference?

An exclusive collection to improve the quality of your life.

60 years of combined foam manufacturing experience have resulted in the development of the best mattress that provides the best support and comfort.

Our senior chemist visited the best foam manufacturing plants around the world and talked to end-users with completely different requirements to formulate the ideal mattress that satisfies everyone’s needs.


There are two factors that are critical for a good night rest, bounce and support. The two sides of SUBLIME give both.


Experience softness with high resilience with an improvement over memory or visco foams that can suffocate you.

Experience more support with high density foam, similar to a latex mattress.


A fine cell structure gives the airflow properties to the foam for a cooler rest.

Climate Control

SOFT side for cold weather.
FIRM side for warm weather.

We are Manufacturers, so your SUBLIME mattress and all its accessories are available in all standard bed sizes.

Size On Demand

We can build almost any of our mattresses to custom sizes with dimensions of 28-76 inches wide and 50-84 inches long. These are great for unique beds such as antique bed frames, European bed sets, cribs, boats, and motorhomes. Please select the size you need from the blue menu above to see prices and place an online order or call us with any questions you may have.

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